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Speaker-cable-gauge, what is speaker cable gauge responsible for? resistance, for one. any time you send electricity through a wire you get resistance. the more resistance you get, the more the wire itself absorbs energy and converts it into heat.. It’s been awhile since i last wrote a technical article on cables. lately we’ve been getting hit with the common question “what speaker wire gauge should i use” or "what matters most in high performance speaker cables"? is there a difference between 12awg and 18awg wire?, gs power 12 ga gauge 100 feet cca copper clad aluminum red/black 2 conductor bonded zip cord speaker cable for car audio, home theater, led light, model train, amplifier, trailer harness wiring.

So unless you’re planning obscenely long runs of speaker cable, gauge is something that you don’t have to worry about too much. there are other factors though when it comes to choosing the right speaker cable for your system. most important perhaps are the materials used in the speaker cable’s makeup., results 1 to 7 of 7 thread: speaker wire/cable gauge share. linkback url; about linkbacks; thread tools. show printable version. Speaker cable guide it doesn’t matter what you have, a basic system, an all in one unit, a home cinema or a cost no object hi-fi, you need speaker cable. whatever you are connecting speakers to, the cable you use is going to have a big influence on the way your system sounds. we reckon..., most home speakers don't come with wire. what gauge (thickness) do you need? is there a special kind of wire for in-wall installation? how many feet of wire will you need to buy? what kind of connectors are best? we'll help you choose the right kind of speaker wire for your home audio system..

All cables feature electrolytic tough pitch (etp) virgin copper construction. the speaker cable line includes direct burial speaker cable with ultra-high purity (99.995%), sometimes described as "oxygen-free" copper (ofc) belden cables use soft drawn and annealed conductors which allow the cables to be flexed without breaking, speaker wires: does the gauge size really matter? so you bought a killer set of speakers, and maybe even center-channel and surround-sound speakers to set up your perfect a/v system or home theater. or perhaps you picked up a set of desktop speakers to connect to your computer.