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Technology-to-help-the-blind-see, 5 amazing gadgets that are helping the blind see by simon hill june 21, 2014 there is a lot of work and research being done to find ways to improve life for partially-sighted and blind people.. Technology to help people with disabilities has come a long way in recent years, with more and more products coming onto the market every year. one especially ambitious endeavour is that of producing technology that will allow blind and visually impaired people to see again., 3 medical devices that are helping the legally blind to see 21 aug 17 every day researchers and scientists are gaining new understanding of how the eye works and adapting modern technology to enhance and improve sight..

Headlines new technology could help the legally blind to see. the glasses work by capturing images with a small camera, enhancing them, and then projecting them onto screens in front of each eye in real-time., screen readers, which read everything on a webpage including urls and date stamps: "tech is helping the blind to see twenty eight september two thousand and seventeen w w w dot w i r e d dot c o m .... Earlier this week, facebook updated its ios app offering voice descriptions of photographs uploaded by its users.a big step forward for accessibility, but it’s far from the only company looking ..., how our new technology will help blind people ‘see’ at the cinema november 22, 2017 6.46am est. mariana lopez, university of york. author. mariana lopez ....

High-tech glasses are helping blind people see. jennifer jolly. special for usa today. blindness first crept up on yvonne felix when she was just seven years old. that’s when she was hit by a ..., the project, involving patients in the united states, mexico and europe, is part of a burst of recent research aimed at one of science’s most-sought-after holy grails: making the blind see..

Amazing electronic glasses help the legally blind see, but they are costly published wed, sep 20 2017 8:28 am edt updated mon, aug 20 2018 5:43 am edt andrew zaleski, special to cnbc.com